The worst person I ever met

this is how a room looks like

I can only say
SHIT HAPPENED!!! You are the worst person I ever met

-You can just leave the rubbish for days and make the whole apartment stink
-throw all your stuff in the living room
-wear your shoes in the house n even your room after you vacuum the living room
-you didn't wash your pot after using it n left it for days n said its not urs but when you are washing it you said you used that to cook sesame
-you cooked and spill until all over without cleaning it if i didn't put aluminum foil am i the one should clean it again?
-you said "I didn't asked u to wash it for me" after cisi washed your left over for days n asked you to wash it next time after using it
-you leave ur underwear on ppl's shampoo
-you throw cisi's stuff out on the first day u move in when cisi suppose to be in a room with you n u said u didn't touch anything
-you keep on stepping on people's bed n pillow with your legs n there is always dirty after you step on it
-you spill the water on the bed n just leave it
-you leave stain on cisi's new drawer even b4 she manage to had it set up
-you didn't wash bed sheet after the blood leak when you had period
-you even smoke in the room when you are the smoke that told the agent that you don't smoke
-you left the stain in the fridge,floor n basin with your leaking food and just throw your food container on the basin after i had clean the fridge n basin

-you sock the cloth in your oily chili oil food after i had wash all the clothes
-you use the cloth that ppl used to dry the dishes to take your instant noodle n wipe the spill
-you let the food flow into the basin n let it get stuck
-you make the toilet stink coz the floor and the cloth were always all wet after you shower
-you put washing power in the softener place after i had told you which is the place to put washing power for several times
-you leave your bed sheet outside, on the floor for days n we help you to pick it up
-you don't keep the iron board after ironing your clothes and let it block the door n the way to the kitchen n how many times did I help you to keep it
-you agree to borrow Cisi cleanser coz she had finish hers n you scold her for using it and said she always used your stuff n got no money to buy for herself after she used it
-you didn't close the eye drop water after using it n use others without asking and did they say anything?
-you dye your hair n leave stain on window, tower n others belonging did viola said anything?
-you common on cisi's n viola's clothing and did u think about their feelings?you even want viola to refund back her money when she just finish shopping and came back home
-you just wanna go back after you get all your stuff and leave others alone
-you selfish until i asked you n viola to check the mail box coz me n cisi don't have the key n the is a international package note that all of us didn't notice n ad due on the day before n you just said you don't have international mail but most of the time I pull the mail out from the mail box are all your letter
-you used up all the space in the room n leave one small spot for cisi n said you can't do much thing when you can just clean up all your stuff
-you didn't pay all the electric n water bill n I helped you to pay everything without saying anything
-you blame viola on using your thing but its actually hers but you just keep on saying people using your stuff
-you pack all your stuff and move and left all the rubbish with cisi
-you put your stuff which is from the floor on ppl's bed

we weren't that stingy
we share all our stuff together
did we asked you to cook for us when every time you eat what we cooked?
did we asked you to go buy your own eye drop?
did we count everything with you?
use your stuff after you used our?

you know why all this happened?coz you are are selfish even to say that we used your thing once you gonna used ours are selfish enough to just think about yourself but not others..when we are trying to make the place we stay more comfort n you just think about yourself n let us clean up all your shit
we actually thought that we are too over n felt bad for saying everything out all in once but the reaction that you give us really piss us off
we are stupid enough to pity you in the first place and stay with you,then treat you as a friend and talk to you nicely when you don't even listen a word of ours and think you got noting wrong and your are perfect enough when not only one or two of us think you shouldn't be like this but three of us..
and you actually make the one that think we should stay together with you, a patient and good temper person pissed off, the first time i see cisi get angry is because of you..the first argument between me n cisi is because of you as well
and you are pretty successful coz you let 3 person that take things easily n doesn't care about much get mad and can't stand it anymore

we didn't say anything about you to others coz we think its personal but you just have to over the limit had your choice..just dun regret about it..

ps./ dun really know a jamie?good!I'll let you remember forever

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All because of you♥

♥All because of you I felt love n happiness
You are different

I like the time when I always think of you
or when I see you
coz it bring my smile up

I like the time when you first said you miss me
it makes me felt touch

I like the time when you first send me kiss
it brightens up my day

I like the time we had steamboat together
I felt so warm
though I'm not at home
n u help me to clean everything up in the end even though u are you a bit hangover

somehow I got my dad's feeling from you
big and strong enough to protect me
the secure and safe feeling that I can't get from others

ps./ hmm..valentines coming soon

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anti ciggy

I know I shouldn't be blogging at this kind of time but I just dunno where to release it
I hope cisi is here..I hope you tell me what's in your mind or maybe I'm the only one who think too much that I though something is in your mind and you ain't tell me?or maybe you just dun like it when I said something on ciggy?

I hate "SMOKE" it always end me up in a bad situation
Ok..tell me..what should I do?dun control you and let you smoke as much as you like izit?though i know you had cut down but its still something
I used to don't understand why ah soo dun quit smoking when he only smoke once a day and for the very first time I argue with him is about smoking..and now same shit happened again thought i know you can't explain why you still smoke even though you dun like the smell..I can't explain it either..

I dunno how to support you at the same time dun control you..I know whenever I start to say things that sound like controlling you in ciggy shit happened and no matter how many times I tried not to say anything I'll end up saying more in the end..though every time you just act normal but I felt that you ain't well good either..
The reason why I keep it always coz you dun control me on let me do whatever I want and I like..I know you just want me to be myself and be happy but am I too over to control you since you said you wanna cut down?I thought I can handle things different now but I can't..I'm still who I am..

Am I too serious?you dun even care and why should I?haiz~back to study!

ps./ thing gets better and shit will happened
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It's like a dream

You are like a dream to me
A nice guy that I had ever met
You didn't know that every single things that you did makes my heart melt
it might be noting for you but it means a lot to me like what you think about me as well

You see through me and let me know that there is still hope
You are gentle and caring
You are the first one to carry me for so long and using so many ways when my legs hurt (though its very funny in someway)
You are the first person who open the car door for me
You respect me and let me do anything that I want
You said noting at all even though sometimes you care but you just want me to be myself
You are sensitive enough to find out things that I dun even notice
Your heart beat is always fast saying that coz I'm beside you
You said you woke ip coz I wasn't beside you anymore when I left for my class the other day
You drive me to uni and pick me up after uni sometimes
You run all the way down to find me when you can just called and ask me to meet you up in the place
You always said I'm yours
You like to tease me always and think its funny when you want me to say things that I felt really hard
You cooked me dinner and very good in cooking
You have the ability to let me say out everything even you didn't force me to
You felt touchy when I said I'm showing you clearly all about me
You said you dun like to make things complicated and I became so simple now -.-

I'm always alert when I'm sleeping but when I'm with you I always sleep well, like a pig, sense noting and you just pull my blanket when I'm hot and cover it for me when I'm cold even though I didn't say anything but you just know how I feel
When I said I'm scare and insecure because we dunno each other much and we met each other in such a short time and I'm scare that I like you more and said that's so touching that makes me felt so different

You attract me more and more
You make me like you more and more day by day
You let me felt so secure
You bring up my smile whenever I see you
You make me scare losing you more and more but I'm not affair now coz you are with me

ps./ thanks for everything
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before holidays

When to DFO with Cisi the other day after our apartment inspection..we definitely love the apartment but we still didn't get the call from the agent..well..we'll still be searching for move places since there's still time till end of jan or feb. We went max benner after that to had waffler n chocolate..just love it so much but getting fatter and fatter!!>.<..

These pix were taken after Aiko's last class..too bad we can get Heong Peah in the asian grocery anymore..=(..I hardly find it in Melbourne but like my mum said, I'm crazy!!it cost 4 to 5 times more expensive then malaysia..ok..I'll just stop carving for it and wait till I'm back to malaysia..=p

We were fooling around when we reach home..its was freezing but we still have fun doing lots of weird stuff on the street..haha..and I remember that was the night I rush for my assignment again..>.<..bad habit..
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New Year New Start?

I dun really think new year = new start or new life..if u wanna change u can just change it anytime..dun give yourself an excuse to wait till a new year to have a brand new you..

I'm here..still awake at 8.25am in the 1st of Jan 2011..
Just wanna post about the recent feeling that I'm having..
Having fun with a few guys that we met the other day in Eve during Christmas eve and things get pretty complicated between Cisi and her feeling..well..she will know what to do when its time

Back to that group of guys..they are pretty nice actually, and thanks to Cisi, I did had fun..
She didn't want me to stay at home since we are having holidays and I was arguing with my mum the other day again..well..i just dunno how can I face them but I think its time for me to concentrate on my least that's what my parents want and what I can do to let things get better I guess?

Cisi hope I can move on..and wanna help me up with the guy in the group..but I think just follow the least I dun feel like having any relationship for now..I dun think I let go for the previous want either but I did paying less effort and concern on him yet things always change when u try to start letting go..I stop texting him and he starts find me in fb..well..time shows everything..=)
will be posting christmas eve and new year eve or maybe the holidays on the next post soon!

ps./ legs gonna broken soon
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Try my best to find my way out

I'm trying my very best to get my own way out, too be happy
Noting is perfectly correct or wrong its just that how u gonna take things
I try to learnt from my lesson and not let myself having the same mistake again
I did regret..regret on being not optimized enough..regret on making a wrong decision, at least its not the right decision for now but I'm trying my best to let myself feels not let myself regret once more..

I might be just running away from the problems and what should I do?I hate the once awhile emotional..I wanna play..wanna enjoy..wanna be happy..but everything turn out to be noting by just an action or a word..I hope I'm strong enough to face it but I dun have the confident..I know there's no hope between us since u said its not worth it and i'm not the one u r willing to give up for anything..and I suddenly recall back your ex that I met 2 years ago during stupid is she having hope that is hopeless..and here I am..repeating her mistake..but at least I done my best to get what I want..if its not mean to be I'll let go when its time..

ps./ time can heal a broken heart but time can also broke a waiting heart
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Pixxx explain everything

Well here we are again waiting for tram to go to city for Aiko's dancing class

In the tram
having break
After class

We went DFO the other day..but forgot when izit already..well both of us did a good job coz we didn't get anything at all..hahaha..but pocket still having hole..hmm..should seriously look for a job..

another waiting
Yarra river
Addidas's fitting room
CK's fitting room (both of us like so cacat)
Doing bo bo stuff while waiting for the tram

My birthday present..thank to my dear en and it!!

Just reach home after dancing class on friday?

A very rare Saturday morning that I manage to get up for Zumba..haha..but I'm still sleepy..walk till where sleep till where..hahaha..but get to see thing that we dun usually see during weekdays..=)

the santa

Didn't know there's ppl playing chase on the road
Hmm..wonder what am I looking?but for sure I was sleeping while standing..==

ps./ once break up there's no more friendship
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